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Wood and Stuffing: A Furniture Blog

There are so many different types of furniture. There are dining room tables made from beautiful red oak or mahogany. Then, there are sofas, made from fabric and stuffing. When it really comes down to it, most furniture is made from wood, fabric, stuffing or some combination of the three. It's amazing how many different pieces furniture makers can create using just these supplies. If you have not guessed already, this website is about furniture. We don't sell it, so don't worry. We just write about it, and we do so with pride. Enjoy the content here to the fullest.



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Stylish Surroundings And Happy Wallets: Office Furniture Liquidators To Furnish Your Workspace

Furnishing an office space is a wonderful opportunity to design a work area that perfectly exemplifies your company's vision. A space that workers look forward to entering and working in will mean greater production and higher morale, essential factors in what makes a company a success. Shopping for new office furniture, however, can be a shock to the wallet. Luckily, office furniture liquidators offer quality pieces at far lower prices. Read on to understand just why shopping at a furniture liquidator is the perfect choice for your office. Read More 

4 Solid Reasons Firearms Owners Need To Consider Gun Safes

Do you own one or more guns? If so, a gun safe is something that you might have thought about investing in. Even if you only own one firearm, this investment is sensible. Depending on where you reside, it might be beneficial in protecting you against legal issues. The following points identify critical reasons why firearms owners should have gun safes.  Insurance Compliance Your insurance policy might contain specific guidelines regarding gun storage. Read More 

Keys To Renting Movie Props From Prop Houses

If you are in the process of making a movie, then you'll probably need a large number of props to create the perfect landscapes for different scenes. You can find these materials at prop houses, facilities that let you conveniently rent movie props out for an extended period of time. Your renting experiences will be favorable if you take these steps. Tour Prop House in Person If you want to have a good idea of what a prop house is capable of offering, then schedule an in-person tour of the facility. Read More 

Working From Home? 2 Tips To Keep In Mind When Adding A Hutch To Your Desk

If you started working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then you may have created a small office space with a desk that makes telecommuting easier. However, you may find that keeping your desk organized is difficult, especially when you work in a small room or area of a room that lacks additional storage space.  One way you can increase the storage space in your small home office without installing a storage cabinet that takes up a large amount of floor space is to add a hutch to your desk. Read More 

Custom Wooden Furniture

Purchasing custom wooden furniture will allow you to attain the perfect function or fit for a furnishing that will be used in a shared or individual space. Research different wood types and consider the physical attributes that will make a piece attractive and accommodating to you and your family members. Base Materials Custom furnishings include pieces that have been hand-constructed by artisans and mass-produced pieces that may contain unique cutouts, original designs and measurements, and preferred upholstery types or embellishments. Read More