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There are so many different types of furniture. There are dining room tables made from beautiful red oak or mahogany. Then, there are sofas, made from fabric and stuffing. When it really comes down to it, most furniture is made from wood, fabric, stuffing or some combination of the three. It's amazing how many different pieces furniture makers can create using just these supplies. If you have not guessed already, this website is about furniture. We don't sell it, so don't worry. We just write about it, and we do so with pride. Enjoy the content here to the fullest.



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When To Choose A California King Mattress

When you shop for a new mattress and will be buying a new bed at the same time, it can be fun to decide what size of mattress will best suit you. If you know that you want something big, you'll likely be evaluating a king versus a California king. Some people make the mistake of assuming that a California king mattress is larger in every way than a king mattress. However, this isn't the case. While a California king mattress is longer than its king counterpart, it's actually a few inches narrower. Both mattress sizes can provide you with a spacious area for sleeping, and there can be some scenarios in which a California king is a better choice.

You're Very Tall

While a king mattress provides enough length for most people, you may want something that is slightly longer if you're very tall. A California king can be a better choice in this situation, given that it's the longer of the two mattresses. For someone who is tall, it's nice to be able to sleep without your feet hanging over the bottom edge of the mattress. The length of the California king means that even if your height is well above the average, your feet should stop short of the end of the mattress.

You Don't Move Much At Night

Some people favor the width of a king mattress because they move a lot while they sleep. If you're constantly changing from one position to another, you may feel as though the width of this mattress allows you to move freely without bumping into your significant other. Conversely, there are people who lie straight and remain that way all night. If this describes you, you may feel that the narrower width of a California king will be more than suitable.

Your Bedroom Is Narrow

It's a good idea to evaluate the size and shape of your bedroom when you're buying a new mattress and bed. If your bedroom is on the narrower side, a king mattress and bed might be a little too wide. If you've had this size in the past, you may have found that you repeatedly bumped your shins into the edge of the bed while walking around it. A California king can be a better option in a narrow bedroom. Because it's a few inches narrower than a regular king, it can help to make the room feel more spacious.